How Long will The Epoxy Flake Flooring Process Take?

Preparation is key to achieving a long lasting durable epoxy floor.

Good adhesion to the surface being coated is a priority.

If preparation is not carried out correctly, the system can separate from the substructure causing product failure.


If the surface has been previously painted or sealed, or has any oil or grease, acid etching, paint stripping, or grinding is recommended.

All cracks should be filled then the floor should be thoroughly cleaned.


Once the floor is prepared a Base primer is applied, this ensures the perfect surface for application.


Then the epoxy base coat and flake can be applied this takes approximately 12 hours to dry, and must be well ventilated.


After the the flake has been drying for approximately 12 hours the clear epoxy or sealer can be applied, 2 coats of clear epoxy or sealer can be applied to give maximum protection to the surface, 24 hours minimum drying time is recommended after final sealer coat before return to service.

From the start of the project to return to full service the process usually takes 3 days.

What If I have Cracks In The Concrete Base?

Cracks can be easily repaired, there are also several other possible issues with old concrete That have to to assessed before application of any products.

a hardener or a primer can be applied to the base if its in poor condition, Screeding Is also an option to create a new ideal surface for coating.

How Long Does My Slab Have To Be Dry Before I Can Coat With Epoxy?

A new concrete base takes approximately 90 days to cure.

What Surfaces Are Most Suited?

Epoxy is suited to most surfaces, Ideally concrete, but can be applied to timber and fiber board.

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How To Maintain Your Epoxy Floor

Treat your epoxy flooring system carefully for up to six months by not dragging heavy items across the surface.

The more you look after the surface in the first few months, the longer it will last.


Sweep the floor on a regular basis with a soft broom, The more dirt and grit that is apparent, This can damage the surface.

Clean spills like oil and grease quickly without using abrasive cloths.


Applying these simple maintenance guidelines will keep your epoxy floor looking fresh and clean for years and years.

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