Is applied with a compressor and hopper gun.

Materials are mixed to a consistent colour and texture, then fed into the gun and applied at standing hight.



This involves applying a primer Then base colour, which is left to dry for a minimum of 6 hours.

Once dried Then the desired pattern can be created, using stencils and tape this is the time consuming part of the process.

Once this is achieved then the top layer, final coat  (the overall colour) is applied, this is left to dry for 12 hours, to ensure bonding is achieved.



Involves removing all previous spills inc: oil, paint, and the removal of sealers that may have previously been applied to the surface.

Paint stripping.

Acid washing or grinding the surface may be required to achieve a suitable surface for application.

Covering all surfaces ( not being top coated) with plastic is essential.




Making sure that the surface is kept in good order is essential to keep the surface looking its best.

Re'sealing annually is recommended.

Engine Oil should be cleaned immediately, standard driveway cleaning products are fine to be used, high pressure washing is also an excellent way to clean the surface.



See The Colour Chart !